Intelligent Solutions

that maximize every subscriber engagement to grow audience and revenue, and reduce cost

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Scalable Solutions

that work for subscription-based companies of all sizes

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Big-Data Mindset

from a team of experienced subscription marketing experts

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Smart Technology

that is powerful, easy-to-use, and ensures quick ROI

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Comprehensive Suite of Products & Services

from collecting and organizing data to campaign management and results tracking to data visualization and marketing services

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Seamless Integration

to maximize the value of your legacy systems

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Suite of Products and Services

MG2 Engagement Platform

is a robust CRM, E-Commerce and Billing platform that provides a 360-degree transparent view of a customer’s decision journey.

Open Intelligence

is the customer-centric database that supports all of the platforms where you engage your customers.

Subscriber Concierge

is the cost-reducing, customer service portal where your subscribers manage their subscriptions at their convenience.

Solicitor Concierge

was designed so that you can target the right prospects, reduce your sales costs, and increase the accuracy of your solicitors’ orders.

Mobile Concierge

helps you call on the right households, return to households you don’t reach right away, write and enter orders more efficiently, and collect payments sooner.

G2 Discovery

enables you to uncover the marketing intelligence hidden in your data – discovering relationships to help you target the right people with the right offers at the right time and with the right medium.

Marketing Services

is your direct marketing agency, ready to assist in building effective subscription marketing plans, utilize proven methodologies and approaches, and develop creative that works.


is offered to provide you with state-of-the-art technology that securely protects your network and data without the need to invest heavily in infrastructure.


ensures you are maximizing the return on your marketing technology investments.