Solicitor Concierge

Target the right prospects, reduce your sales costs, and increase the accuracy of your solicitors’ orders.


Solicitor Concierge and Mobile Concierge are a complete subscription marketing and sales management solution.  With them you can easily automate your acquisition campaigns and new subscription start processing. They’re the “new start portal” for all of your subscription sales efforts.


  • Control all subscription marketing offers in one convenient location.


  • Target the right offer to the right prospect for increased acquisition efficiency.


  • Your sales partners – equipped with online tools and mobile solutions – can get easy access to information on the latest sales promotions as they talk with prospects.


  • Automate the processing of new subscriptions, and track the status of starts.


With the Solicitor Concierge and Mobile Concierge subscription marketing package, you and your customers get real-time authorization of credit card purchases, your solicitors validate address information immediately, and you eliminate paper order forms.

Learn how to write more subscriptions and collect revenues faster and easier with Mobile Concierge. You save time and money, your subscribers get faster delivery, and your sales partners get more information at the time of sale.
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Solicitor Concierge and Mobile Subscriptions benefits:


  • Save time and start the subscription fast – upload new starts automatically as solicitors’ make sales
  • Retrieve reconciliation reports
  • Download unprocessed starts (i.e., kickouts) so you can identify problems and fix them fast
  • Download calling files and DNC lists to manage campaign efforts more easily
  • Provide reports on stopped subscriptions and results of specific offers to help you plan your next move

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