Subscriber Concierge

The MG2 subscription management system, Subscriber Concierge, lets your print and digital customers manage their subscription or membership transactions with ease while you manage their access and increase engagement.

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Whether you are seeking content or entitlement access, identity management capabilities, metering options, single sign on or social login integration, MG2 has an easily adaptable solution to handle it all, while meeting your specific requirements.

With the MG2 subscription management system – a single customized Internet portal – your customers handle their own transactions, saving them time and you expense. You have the administrative tools to automate customized communications for all their events to increase engagement:

  • Start new subscriptions

  • Renew and upgrade subscriptions

  • Switch to recurring billing

  • Request redelivery

  • Submit delivery complaints and account inquiries

  • Order previous editions

  • Schedule vacation holds and classroom donations

  • Manage payment process

  • Manage membership services

subscription management system
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Subscription Management System | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC

As subscribers make changes, our subscription management system integrates their changes in real-time into your back office system. You trigger starts faster, and satisfy customer inquiries sooner.

And you can make the right offers to the right people – right now. With Subscriber Concierge, you can quickly identify which prospects are responding to which offers. Then the system customizes your promotional offers on the fly so the right people get the right offer – whether it’s the right price, the right delivery option, or the right premium. That means you’ll get greater loyalty from happy customers, reduced turnover, and more new revenue.

Engage with your subscribers regularly about things they care about:

o  Increase the value of one of your biggest assets – your subscriber email database, which we help you build and maintain.

o  Conduct different marketing campaigns that target different subscribers or recently stopped subscribers with different messages.

o  Engage your subscribers with relevant messages and offers when they log in or visit the subscription management system to do business.

o  Increase advertising revenue by publishing regular e-newsletters that target the interests of specific subscriber groups.

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