Client Testimonials


“Let’s face it, the world of newspapers is a strange place right now – the last decade has seen diminished subscribers, new ventures and business models and the failures of those ventures and business models. Facing this reality MLive Media Group and ACS-MI had to find a innovate solution supported by an easy to use, intuitive platform. We found all that and more working with MG2.


We needed a platform and a team that could help us to align the disparate needs of our various departments (and companies) while giving our end user a reliable and easy-to use experience. With MG2 that just happens, no extra push required. They’ve also given us room to experiment; to stretch their system and ours to the limit to try something new.

We’ve worked hard and also had the good fortune to find success in our current venture, this is due in large part to the efforts and support of the MG2 team.”

Rebecca DuShane, Marketing Team Lead, MLive Media Group



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“The success of our day pass campaigns has positively impacted our ability to engage digital readers and expose our premium digital products to more consumers. The team at MG2 were great partners supporting the launch of that program and continue to provide the expertise and technology that we need for our ambitious plans.” 

Laura Inman, Director of Audience Engagement AJC/CMG Group Lead


“Marketing G2 and their entire team exceeded our expectations with the custom implementation of Mobile Subscriptions and Solicitor Concierge.  They were able to take our legacy systems and data and make it work with our customized business requirements.”

CJ Meyer, Regional Finance Manager/Analyst – Gannett



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“Advance Central Services Michigan has benefited from the hands on approach of the MG2 Discovery team.   During all facets of campaign development, data discovery and reporting, they  have been   supportive, knowledgeable and in the trenches with us. We have been able to use email marketing as our first acquisition source. This is proving to be very successful and very cost effective. We look forward to continued and ongoing interaction with the team and to the discovery of what MG2 is going to provide us in the future.”

David Brown, Regional Circulation Director, Advance Central Services Michigan



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“Marketing G2 and their entire team exceeded our expectations with the implementation of our Newsletter Subscriptions sign-up in our markets. MG2 was able to clearly understand and implement our custom business rules well within our planned timeframe.”

Staci Brown Brooks, Manager of Special Projects, Alabama Media Group

Tribune Publishing | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC

“Mobile Subscriptions and Solicitor Concierge have become an integral part of our business, from the sales person in the field securely processing subscriptions and payments, to our finance team reconciling those payments, to our management team’s ability to review near real time reporting. Mobile Subscriptions is unmatched in our industry.”

Noemi M. Lazo, Operations Manager, Los Angeles Times 



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“We’re very happy with the change. MG2 was a terrific partner throughout the process. Now I get much more data to work with.”

Kevin Denny, Vice President and General Manager, Advance Central Services Oregon, on launching  MG2’s Subscriber Concierge Platform which helped realize Portland’s goal of increasing registrations through offering benefits.


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“The advanced technology features of Mobile Concierge and the MG2 suite of products have significantly changed how we fulfill subscriptions and capture payments at the point-of-sale. The ability to process an order in the field and instantly validate a customer’s address and payment information is crucial to our sales numbers.”

Thomas R. Nemcek, Regional Circulation Retention & Sales Specialist, Advance Michigan





“Getting this product in the hands of our kiosk sales teams will not only reduce chargebacks and bad subscriptions, but also cut back on the time it takes my team to enter the new starts into DTI. Our new subscribers will benefit as well since their subscription will be entered within 24 hours instead of the current 72-hour process.”

Jeff Cowens, Director, Audience Development at The Commercial Appeal, Memphis, Tennessee