Open Intelligence

To maximize your results, you need an intelligent customer-centric marketing database.


With Open Intelligence, our big data management system, you can turn big data into valuable information that helps you manage your marketing campaigns and all the channels you use. Using Open Intelligence, you can reconcile all the email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers from your different systems – billing systems, third party demographics and the applications your customers are using. Through OI, we bring all those data together in one orderly warehouse that you can tap into.


Open Intelligence: flexible, manageable, accessible and scalable.

183516872-webBuilt on an open-standards architecture, Open Intelligence makes it easy to add new marketing solutions software without a major rebuild of your database. It offers flexibility and scalability so you can manage millions of customers and transactions.   And once you’ve begun using Open Intelligence for your marketing functions, you can offer these kinds of campaign management services to your advertising clients, too. Conduct their marketing campaigns with these tools. Help them acquire new customers. Develop programs to retain existing customers. Your success becomes a model that you can offer your advertisers for new revenue.


Open Intelligence measures and tracks campaign performance:

  • Call the best prospects. Our proprietary propensity-scoring model for telemarketing qualifies the universe of telephone numbers in a market — so your team can be more cost-efficient and productive.
  • Don’t waste time on people you just called recently. Our response tracking modules in our evaluate nightly transaction data to identify campaign responders so you know who to call again and when to call them.
  • Determine ROI. Our retention module measures returns on your investments by evaluating your subscribers in terms of which groups are most likely to renew and what offers each group might respond better to.
Open Intelligence benefits:

  • Integrates complex and disparate data in a single warehouse to give you a single view of customers and prospects and a holistic view of your marketing activities.
  • Calculates ROI from retention data to justify what you spend on retention efforts.
  • Raw data becomes actionable information.
  • Interfaces with data visualization and campaign management tools so you can analyze results from each channel as you manage multi-channel communications.
  • Easy access to information shortens the time it takes to get new products to market.
  • Plan and execute marketing campaigns for your advertisers to generate new revenue streams.
  • Supports processes to capture and manage email addresses to make digital marketing strategies more effective.
  • Integrates readily with Subscriber Concierge, Solicitor Concierge, and G2 Discovery.

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