MG2 Engagement Platform

The MG2 Engagement Platform is a robust CRM, E-Commerce and Billing platform that provides a 360-degree transparent view of a customer’s decision journey.


Now with MG2 ConneXt integrated into the platform, you can direct that journey like never before. Carry on multiple conversations with an unlimited number of customer groups and respond dynamically based on users’ activities and attributes, with a series of contextual conversations that include actions designed to intelligently direct the engagement flow, creating a powerful tool to move a user through the engagement funnel. For more on the breakthrough that is MG2 ConneXt, click here.


The MG2 Engagement Platform drives access to content and digital purchases, recurring revenue, and increased customer lifetime by communicating with customers at their decision moments and maximizing those engagements.

Customer Engagement Platform

Today’s publishers require seemingly limitless ability to create new products with their content, provide new ways to price and bill customers, offer new means for customers to consume and pay for those purchases, and create new opportunities to retain customers, grow revenue, and increase customer lifetime.

With the MG2 Engagement Platform, you can developengage and manage paid reader content across multiple print and digital products with a variety of business models for subscribers and non-subscribers alike. With the MG2 Engagement Platform, you can manage the four functions you need to control to profit from paid digital content – User Intelligence, User Engagement, User Acquisition and Integration Solutions.

User Intelligence

Using our customer centric database, Open Intelligence, provides a single view of your customers, supporting all of the data sources and platforms where you engage with your customers and where customers engage with you. This enables effective engagements that fuel increases in customer lifetime value and retained revenue.


How can you use that “single view?”


  • By using the MG2 Engagement Platform, you’ll be able to establish the rules that determine, in real-time, what access to content each customer is allowed.
  • Through scoring algorithms and our Smart Offer Segmentation, you’ll be able to segment households into groups, and decide the best and most relevant offer for each group. And it all happens on the fly. Because our system is flexible by design, you can use any combination of data in the database to set the household access score and assign each household to a Smart Offer Segment.

User Engagement powered by MG2 ConneXt

With MG2 ConneXt, you can go beyond a one size fits all strategy to a one to one strategy.  The advanced technology empowers you to design dynamic conversations for any of your target user groups. All the data you have about your users can be brought to bear to design an engagement pathway for them. One piece of content can be metered, premium or blended depending on which user group is experiencing it.


  • If you want to create a conversation for lapsed subscribers who read your business newsletter you can do that.  Based on the actions they take you can prepare conversations to direct their journey with multiple opportunities for monetization along their journey.
  • Whether your engagement goal is registration, subscription, newsletter consumption, video consumption or advertiser content consumption you can build conversations to get you users group to that goal.


For more on how this powerful new tool will change the way you look and customer engagement, click here.


User Acquisition 

Help new subscribers come aboard and help existing subscribers upgrade by making use of our Solicitor Concierge application and our Smart Offer Segmentation functionality.   It all works within our Open Intelligence database to make life simpler for you.

With Solicitor Concierge, you can seamlessly manage new subscription offers and promotion campaigns that allow subscribers to upgrade. The offers you make specific prospects or subscribers change dynamically, depending on the rules you establish beforehand.

Since Solicitor Concierge is fully integrated, you can use it as your single solution for subscriptions from all points of sale. And your new users gain immediate access to paid content online even if their new print subscription takes more time to begin.

Integration Solutions

We think your subscriber transactions should flow right into your billing systems, so we don’t build a system that sits outside of your billing environment. Instead, we integrate our software solutions into any circulation billing system so you can make use of your established business practices, manage your cash, help your customers with billing problems, and report your circulation to your auditing firm in the same financial system you’ve always used.  At the same time, with our integrated eCommerce and recurring billing solution, you have unprecedented flexibility to package and price digital products without the limitations inherent in legacy systems.

Through the integrated and dedicated customer portal that we build, your subscribers can use the same single logon to access your content and manage their account.

MG2 Engagement Platform Benefits:

  • Advanced engagement technology empowers engagement with every customer, MG2 ConneXt
  • Flexibly manages customer access to paid content on all platforms
  • Full integration to back office systems
  • Start new or upgraded subscriptions instantly
  • Customizable engagement conversations for multiple segments strategies

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