G2 Discovery

Discover the marketing intelligence in your database.


G2 Discovery is an analytical and visual segmentation tool that’s sophisticated, but easy to use. It enables you to analyze and segment your data in ways you can easily visualize. You’ll quickly uncover the marketing intelligence in your data – discovering relationships to help you target the right people with the right offers at the right time and with the right medium.

How it works:


  • G2 Discovery taps into MG2’s powerful Open Intelligence database, enabling you to analyze your targets carefully and discover patterns hidden from plain view. With G2 Discovery, you can manage all the activities in your  campaigns more effectively, working with a single, intuitive data discovery, marketing campaign management tool.



  • G2 Discovery enables users to gain insights from all their data through effective analysis and data visualization. G2 Discovery drives success through optimizing marketing campaign management activities – all in a single environment.


  • G2 Discovery helps you communicate with customers and prospects regularly through direct mail, telemarketing, and email. Everyone gets the right message at the right time because you’re working from a marketing database updated in real time with Web events. You’ll know what’s working…and what’s not working, so you can quickly adjust.
G2 Discovery Marketing Analytics | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC

Utilize G2 Discovery to:


  • Increase your organization’s productivity by dramatically reducing the time it takes to query data and conduct analysis.


  • Convert your complex data into useful metrics and actionable graphs so you can spot opportunities more quickly and clearly.


  • Make offers to prospects and send messages that reflect real-time decision rules. This kind of “on-demand analysis” means your market gets messages that matter.

And G2 Discovery supports all of your marketing needs, including:


  • Segmenting your customers and prospects into targetable groups.


  • Selecting lists and monitoring fulfillment.


  • Assessing lifetime value and doing profitability scoring.


  • Using data mining and modeling techniques.


  • Making comparative analysis and fast counts of segments.

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G2 Discovery Marketing Analysis | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC