MG2 ConneXt

MG2 ConneXt is a new digital customer engagement solution that broadens the way you approach content monetization.  Here’s a snapshot of how it empowers you to dynamically control the engagement conversation with all your targets.

Subscriber Market Segmentation | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC

Dynamic Metering

  • Edit and create meter sets to match your objectives
  • Filter any type of content based upon when and how it is used
  • Zone your editorial or advertising content based on zips
  • Make the meter work for you by combining multiple segment types
Marketing Subscriber Campaigns | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC


  • Start to assemble your conversations based on your user’s activities
  • Roll your conversations up into specific campaigns you can save and reuse or refine for new engagement testing
Subscriber Conversations | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC



  • Drive your specific engagement strategies forward as you build your conversations and link them dynamically based on user behaviors, timing or other data driven knowledge
  • You have a variety of actions specific to the user segment from which to choose
  • Easily control design and copy of your actions to brand and target the end user group
  • You also have flexibility to target the actions that make up your conversation as well
Subscriber Demographics | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC


  • Here is where you can match exactly what action will be seen by a specific user and the timing of that action using not only mathematical qualifiers but custom criteria using different data fields
  • If you decide you want to change the sequence of your actions, you can easily drag and drop them without creating a new conversation
  • You’ll benefit from granular targeting levels by selecting from article views, article value and other custom fields as selection criteria
Subscription Branding | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC


  • Based on your engagement objectives, select the type of action and template and then customize that action even further
  • Meet both your branding and engagement objectives with the ability to choose multiple banner types, modals, inlines or paywalls, which are all available for customization with your imagery and text editing capabilities
Marketing Campaign Timing | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC



  • Here you can precisely target the timing of your action
  • Need a “last chance” action to keep the user on the page, you can initiate that here
  • You have the ability to change the timing of your actions’ presentation based on user group.  If you want frequent user to see less of an article than a first time user, you can control that to the millisecond
  • If you have a user whose mouse is over a business article you can present a business newsletter subscription action with our geographic timing feature
Campaign Tracking Technology | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC


  • Configurations is where you make the critical linkage to combine meters and campaigns or create new configurations
  • You can maintain your configuration history by inactivating a configuration vs. deleting it
Targeted Messages | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC


  • For even greater targetability you can create customized messaging here for users to see during the irlog in process
Key Branding Components | Horsham, PA | Marketing G2, LLC



  • You can quickly upload imagery and branding components into the system to easily become part of your various actions
  • You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of your actions based on the specific engagement workflow
MG2 ConneXt Benefits

Creates opportunity to take a broader view of digital engagement
Engage with every customer dynamically
Develop new monetization methods for “free content”
Innovate with targeted, dynamic, multi-stream engagement workflows


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