Our Approach

Marketing G2’s approach to business is simple:


  • While we believe in the power of technology and data, we also believe in the power of simplicity.


We approach our clients’ needs with the goal of simplifying the management of engaging, acquiring, servicing and retaining subscribers. We’ve built an intricate database technology, so that the tools can be easy for our clients to use.


  • We believe in the power of talented people.


Our team understands subscription-based businesses. Some have served in technology roles, others in marketing roles, and some were senior executives at the nation’s largest media companies. This group of professionals creates simple solutions to complex problems.


  • We believe in the power of continuous improvement.


In every new release, we incorporate both successes our clients have experienced and improvements our development teams have made. All of our clients gain from the pass-along knowledge that we’ve gained from providing solutions to industry leaders for more than a decade.