Dependable Data Security

Sleep Soundly with Secure Data Protection


You never have to worry about your subscribers’ data falling into the wrong hands. Keep your data safe and away from your competitors  and hackers by choosing Marketing G2 to provide you with the subscription software and technology you need.

Never miss a beat or lose data due to forces outside of your control: 

  • Diverse and redundant UPS systems
  • State-of-the-art fire detection and suppression technology
  • Various on-site diesel electric generators
  • 24-hour physical security
  • Climate control
  • Lifted anti-static floors

Controlled access for extra peace of mind:

  • On-site security officers
  • Closed-circuit TV surveillance
  • Security zones
  • Electronic key entry
  • PIN access
  • Biometric scan

Protecting you with PCI compliance: 

  • Updated and monitored on an ongoing basis by an independent 3rd party
  • Highest standard in the data security industry
  • Firewall protected data
  • Encrypted data transfers
  • Up-to-date antivirus software
  • Password best practice used and in place
  • Unique user IDs
  • Scanned regularly for vulnerabilities

Find out more about the data protection system Marketing G2 has in place by calling
+1 267-657-0207.

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