Cox Media Group Launches Engagement Platform ConneXt

Cox Media Group Launches Engagement Platform ConneXt

15:59 18 May in News About MG2, News About MG2's Clients

By: Elizabeth Coffey, MG2 Digital Marketing Specialist

Horsham, PA. (May 18, 2017) – Facing ever-growing financial pressures and a substantial decrease in ad revenue, newspaper publishers are looking for more intelligent solutions to increase their reader engagement and improve monetization. In response to these complex challenges, Cox Media Group (CMG) has launched ConneXt, an advanced reader engagement tool, across their media properties as a part of their Marketing G2 customer engagement platform. CMG is an integrated media company and subsidiary of Cox Enterprises.

ConneXt will enhance CMG’s ability to customize their  on-site messages to potential subscribers of the company’s many media properties based on the individual behaviors and preferences of their readers. The on-site messaging component is already running and the paywall component of the product will be rolled out in June.  CMG is now able to manage dynamic content metering and  develop multiple “adaptive conversations” for a greatly enhanced customer experience thanks to their implementation of ConneXt. This will help the media giant expand their reader engagement, improve their sales funnels, and drive new revenue opportunities, keeping them well ahead of the pack.

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